AminoMatch Nutrition

The AminoMatch nutritional approach is based on characterising the amino acid profile of your forage and then reducing dietary crude protein (CP) levels by ensuring an adequate supply of the first limiting amino acids; methionine and lysine.

Figure 1 - AminomatchAminoMatch nutrition is based on the fact that cows do not have a requirement for CP but for metabolizable protein (MP) and amino acids (Figure 1). Feeding for MP using high quality raw materials lowers the CP content of the diet, making more room for forage and energy whilst promoting better milk quality, health and fertility; and because cows in early lactation need plenty of energy, making space for more in a concentrated form is really important. In addition, nitrogen excretion into the environment is reduced on the back of improved nitrogen utilisation efficiency (NUE) in the rumen.

Unique to AminoMatch is the opportunity to analyse forages and feedstuffs for amino acid content. This is an integral part of the AminoMatch programme as amino acid profiles of forages and feedstuffs can vary according to; stage of growth, season, growing conditions and geographical location. Without accurate analysis it is possible to both underfeed and overfeed supplementary amino acids, which can either incur unnecessary cost or result in a lost opportunity to boost

A Bespoke and flexible feeding programme designed to achieve optimum performance from forage.

Figure 2 - AminomatchThe AminoMatch approach is not just restricted to the nutritional requirements of the cow but to the whole feeding system. A suite of products have been designed to maximise the utilisation of forage, simplify the feeding system and reduce waste.

Products in the AminoMatch range include blends, compounds, premixes, rumen inert fats, transition cow feeds supplements and even feed bins. ll of these topics including the features and benefits of our AminoMatch range will be discussed by the DTS team throughout this edition of the Wynnstay Dairy Newsletter.


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