Clear Out Adult Liver Flukes In Your Milking Dairy Cows

Once your milking cows have been housed for the winter there’s an opportunity to clear out any adult liver flukes that could be limiting performance. This also has the benefit of reducing the potential level of pasture contamination next spring.
Despite the drier recent weather liver fluke remains a major problem in the UK following the legacy of wet summers earlier this decade. And following changes in the summer of 2013 to the recommended flukicides that can be used in dairy cattle, you now have a much more restricted product selection available to you. In fact Zanil® (oxyclozanide) is now the only fluke-specific product for dairy cows licensed for use in all stages of lactation and all that with only 72 hours milk withdrawal.
Dairy cows are more likely to suffer from chronic liver fluke. This is caused by prolonged intake of low to moderate numbers of cysts (metacercariae) on the forage. These ingested cysts develop into immature liver flukes and then into adults in the liver, where they cause long lasting liver damage. As well as depressing cow fertility, milk production and growth rates, chronic liver fluke problems can lead to ‘bottle jaw’ and ‘brisket oedema’ in cattle. It is also important to remember that adult dairy cows do not develop immunity to liver fluke.
Zanil® is an oral drench and dosage rate is 3ml per 10kg bodyweight in cattle, up to a maximum of 105ml. For further advice on controlling the liver fluke challenge on your farm, please contact your local Wynnstay store or representative.
Zanil®contains 3.4% w/v oxycloanide. Legal category POM-VPS.
Zanil®is only available from animal health product prescribers or veterinary surgeons from whom advice should be sought.
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