DTSmetrics – Helping your herd perform better!

It is now 7 years since Alex Bach (2008) characterised the most influential non-nutritional factors that accounted for over half the variation in milk production levels between herds fed the same diet and of similar genetic merit. Most dairies however, are still not recognising all these factors as being significant, and applying management changes to address them. Don’t forget Ken Nordland and his team outlined important factors that affect transition outcome, and the implications of certain heifer rearing parameters on profitability were highlighted by Jessica Cooke?

How many dairies actually routinely monitor how well they are addressing these and other non-nutritional factors that have a significant effect on herd performance? The Wynnstay Dairy Technical Services team now offer a routine monthly monitoring and reporting service called DTSmetrics.

What is DTSmetrics?

The DTSmetrics report not only records measurements to allow changes in management, but indicates how much certain aspects of the cows’ environment are costing the farming business. Calculating the return on investment of addressing changes to the environment has never been easier thanks to DTSmetrics. As an additional benefit, the service creates a unique database which can be used to identify important trends and give a basis for informed decisions to be made.

The end goal is a healthier, higher performing herd with better fertility, improved animal health and less unnecessary costs.

Download an example report – DTSmetrics Marketing

Taking advantage of this unique service is easy. Simply contact DTS co-ordinator Nadine Pilkington to set up your routine monthly visit and report.

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