Grass Watch Report – 22nd August 2016

The average grass growth rate has declined this week to 43kg DM/ha/day, down 8kg DM/ha/day from last week. However there are wide variations across the country reflecting the differing soil moisture availabilities, with average growth rates in the North West of 52kg DM/ha/day in comparison to the South West of 33kg DM/ha/day. The range in growth rates across the country highlights the importance of assessing the situation on individual farms to ensure that supplementary feeding is correct and objectives are achieved.

The average potential Milk Yield From Grazing has increased slightly from 6.3 litres last week to 6.9 litres this week, this has been partly influenced by a slight increase in the average grass ME from 11.3MJ/kg DM to 11.4MJ/kg DM. Again, it will be important to assess the individual farm situation when estimating the potential milk yield from grazing.

Crude protein levels have increased this week to 22.1% up 3% in comparison to last week. This is close to the 2015 average of 22.3% for the same period but below the 6 year average of 24.4%.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

Download Full Report: Grass Watch Report 22nd August 2016


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