Grass Watch Report – 30th August 2016

In the past week, grass growth rates have increased slightly to 49 kg DM/ha, this will be in part due to the recent warm and wet weather. The predicted milk yield from grazing has seen a slight drop to M+ 6.8 litres, this is due to maintained intakes with a slight reduction in grass quality. It is worth noting that the current ME value of grass is 0.6 MJ ME/kg DM lower than the 6 year average for this time of year, therefore performance may be lower than expected when compared to recent years.
The risk of summer heat stress is still high, increasing from last week’s edition of GrassWatch. High humidity following heavy rain and warm temperatures have caused this. It is important to ensure that cows have a plentiful water supply, even though moisture intake from grazing will be increased due to the lower dry matter content of grass this week.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

Download Full Report: Grass Watch Report 30th August 2016

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