Grass Watch Report – 5th July 2016

There has continued to be a small reduction in grass growth this week to 67 kg DM/ha/day, down 3 kg DM/ha/day in comparison to last week. This is also 9 kg DM/ha/day lower than the average growth figure of 76 kg DM/ha/day for the same week in 2015.

Potential grass dry matter intake has risen this week by 2 kg/d, resulting in an average potential milk yield from grazing of M+ 13.9 litres. This is 1.8 litres higher than the 6 year average of 12.1 litres for the same point in the season.

With reducing grass growth and continued pressure on milk price there is a real danger of overestimating milk from grazing and underfeeding for yield. The resultant loss in body condition will have long term consequences into the winter.

A loss of 0.5 body condition score at this time will result in a potential milk yield loss of 2 litres per head per day in the first 3 months of winter, as feed energy is used to replenish body condition.

Average crude protein has fallen slightly this week to 22.20%, but still remains higher than the 6 year average of 20.5%. This will require careful attention to supplementation to ensure dietary protein and energy is balanced.

Summary by Steve Brown, Report Supplied by Trouw Nutrition

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