Introducing British Made Wynngold Turbo Start!

Turbo Start 26% 17%
Wynngold Turbo Start Packaging
Turbo Startis a high quality calf milk powder  designed to help get your calves off to the best possible start in life.
Turbo Starthas been specially formulated to comply with the ‘LifesStart’ concept, which is based on previous and ongoing research into how to get calves  growing
quickly and healthily.  
Alongside specific management protocols this milk can help you achieve your goal of raising profitable animals that are set to calve at ages of 22-24 months old.
Turbo Startis a highly digestible whey based milk powder with excellent levels of oil needed to supply your calves with essential energy.  This milk powder also has the additional benefits of high levels of Vitamin E to support immune function along with Greenline, a synergetic blend of ingredients designed to support optimum health and animal performance.
Specifically designed to be fed as part of an accelerated growth feeding program with a delicately balanced amino acid profile, this milk will allow you to safely feed at higher rates.  Jersey calves in particular will thrive from higher protein levels, making Turbo Start the perfect choice for anybody looking to unleash the genetic potential of their future herd.
To find more contact one of our specialists, who will be able to advise you on the best for your calves.


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