So, What are Fever Tags and how could they benefit me?

Introduction to Naomi

Naomi joins our Youngstock team, following Wynnstay’s recent acquisition of Agricentre. She is a dairy farmer’s daughter based in Mid Somerset, where they milk 160 autumn calving Pedigree Ayrshires, supplying a local cheese manufacturer.  Naomi Walters

Naomi is passionate about calf rearing, breeding and continually improving herd genetics and potential. In her spare time she enjoys showing her cows at local shows and she is also actively involved with Young Farmers. Aside from her interest in dairy, Naomi is on the Royal Bath & West Show sheep shearing committee, and an active fundraiser for her local Rugby club.

In her first Blog entry for the Wynngold Calf Club, Naomi tells us all about her experience with Fever Tags.

So, what are Fever Tags & how could they benefit me?

The original Fever Tags software was the industry first ‘thermometer on the ear’. The function of this software design is to monitor your cattle’s Fever Tagstemperature every 15 minutes, if the temperature is raised above 39.7°C for a period of six hours the tag will flash.

The tags act as a visual sign to aid any stockman.  Fever or high temperature is the expected response to an infectious disease, and typically not a concern unless the temperature is raised for an extended period of time.

A calf’s body temperature will naturally fluctuate throughout the day in an expected pattern although it can be affected by many factors: nutrition, stress, climate and temperature.

The time to be concerned is when a calf’s temperature increases and the calf’s immune system is unable to bring that temperature back down.  Measuring a temperature continuously is far more effective than taking a one off reading with a thermometer.

Fever TagsCatching it Early

By using the Fever Tags you will catch calf illness at the sub clinical stage – they may be quite happily running round the pen, feeding. But with an underlying health problem that hasn’t caused you a problem…. yet!!

At this stage they will be more responsive to antibiotic treatment, and length of treatment will be less and more cost effective. Also by treating for illness sooner it will keep your calves on a level plane of growth and keep them on growth weight targets rather than slipping ‘backwards’ – important to take this into consideration with focus on calving at 24months.

We have customers already using the tags with brilliant results, the tags are reusable and can be used 3-4 times.

They are made of medical grade plastic so no problems with cross contamination.

If you would like more information please contact Rebecca Richards, myself or one of the Dairy Specialist team.

Written by Naomi WaltersCalf Specialist

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