Wynnstay Calf & Youngstock Convention 2018

Our Calf & Youngstock Convention brings together keynote speakers to update and inform you on the latest science behind calf rearing, provide you with key management practices and vaccination options that will allow you to rear healthy calves. We are proud to announce support from leading innovative companies working with us for our first Convention:

‘Science in Solution’
As more and more emphasis is put on reduction of the use of antibiotics in the industry, biosecurity has had a much larger focus.  The calf sector particularly has suffered from neglect in this arena but the aim of the talk is to show that some simple protocols put in place can have a very positive effect on the health of the calf and its environment.

VES Environmental Solutions, LLC (VES) 
‘Ventilation Strategies and their effects on Dairy Calf Performance and Health’
We will be exploring various calf ventilation strategy options being used in the dairy industry.  Pros and cons of the various systems and how do we effectively deliver fresh air and remove noxious gasses and infections agents from the calf environment.

‘Vaccinating for Quality Colostrum’
The presentation of ‘vaccinating for quality colostrum’ is an interactive session covering the cost and causes of calf scour in the UK and giving practical advice on how to diagnose and prevent scour through colostrum management and good practice vaccination on farm.

‘LifeStart the latest science’

Local Veterinary Practices
‘A Vet’s perspective on calf rearing’

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