Dairy Products

Dairy Feeds

An extensive range of compounds, blended feeds, liquid feeds, minerals and nutrition supplements for all classes of dairy livestock including calves, heifers, pre-calving cows and lactating cows. Supported by University based research, all our dairy and youngstock feed ranges are formulated to the highest performance parameters using wholesome ingredients.

Dairy Calves

We offer a complete package for youngstock management including milk powders, feed, equipment and housing. Our dedicated Calf Specialists can advise on all issues relating to calf management.

“Well begun is half done” – our range of Wynngold calf milk powders and AdVance starter feeds are designed specifically to get your dairy calves off to a flying start and to reach recognised breed target live weights and wither heights by 12 weeks of age.

Wynngold Calf Milk Powders – The Wynngold range of calf milk powders has been formulated to give your high value calves the best possible start in life. Whatever your rearing system and production targets, there’s a Wynngold product to meet your needs.

Wynngold Colostrum Management Kit – The Wynngold Colostrum Management Kit helps you manage this vital resource. Build a bank of Colostrum so it’s available day and night. It is recommended the first dose is fed in the first 2 hours of life for maximum benefit.

AdVance Calf Starter Feeds (0-12 weeks) – Calves must receive a correctly formulated calf starter concentrate with clean drinking water from an early age if they are to develop a healthy rumen. All AdVance calf starter feeds contain a combination of starch and digestible fibre sources to ensure early rumen development and a healthy digestive system. AdVance calf starter feeds are backed by extensive trials at Harper Adams University College.

Calf Feeding – An extensive range of modern calf feeding and housing equipment including pasteurisers, colostrum management kits, ‘speedi-feeders’, computerised calf milk feeding machines, teated bucket feeders, concentrate feeders and all ancillary equipment.

Dairy Heifers

The economic value of rearing heifers to calve at two rather than the traditional three years of age has been well-established.

As well as reducing the net cost of rearing each animal, calving at a younger age significantly reduces the number of replacement animals that need to be carried, saving on both time and cost.

Two year calving requires challenging but perfectly achievable liveweight gains together with careful management throughout the rearing period and on introducing heifers to the milking herd.

The AdVance range of heifer rearing compound feeds has been designed to enable breed targets for live weight and withers height to be met. Suitable for all forages including straw, grass silage, maize silage/wholecrop and grazing

Dairy Cows

It is well documented that the most important part of a cow’s annual cycle is the transition period three weeks either side of calving. In particularly, the 3 weeks pre-calving known as the close-up period where preparation for calving and the next lactation is paramount.

Our range of dry cow concentrates includes a more traditional low calcium, high magnesium nut with a high quality protein inclusion and a semi-DCAB nut with propylene glycol for extremely high yielding herds, Jersey herds or herds with a particularly high incidence of milk fever where the traditional approach has not worked.

Milking Cows

A range of dairy compounds to suit all feeding and management systems, from robot milkers to parlour feeders, to out of parlour feeders. Feeds to balance all forages and grazing systems, from early spring calving to all year round housed mixed forage feeding.

Dairy Chemicals

Wynnstay supply a wide range of dairy chemicals for any applications:

For more information on the above chemicals, please see our Premier Dairy Booklet below: